Q: Does it cost money to attend or park at Casco Days?
A: Both admission and parking are free at Casco Days! Parking is available behind the community center as well as behind the Casco Village Church where security monitors the lots.

Q: What if there’s rain or inclement weather?
A: Given how quickly the weather changes, we make updates to our schedule day of. Check back to our social media platforms in case of changes made to scheduled events.

Q: Is there cell service at Casco Days?
A: Cell service is spotty in the village, but don’t worry—part of the charm of Casco Days is being present and not on devices. First responders and security officers work the event round the clock to assist with parking and the overall security of Casco Days.

Q: Is there an ATM on site?
A: Yes, we have a designated area near the information booth (red barn).

Q: What if I am interested in becoming a sponsor?
A: Click the link to see how you can become involved. Our sponsorship program usually wraps up by mid-June. Thank you to all our past and present sponsors who help make this event happen!

Q: How can I purchase bonus prize tickets?
A: You can purchase bonus prize tickets in advance at the Casco Town Office or at Hancock Lumber in Casco. Additionally, you can purchase tickets at the Open Air Fair market in early July, or you can purchase tickets during the event: check the information booth located next to the bonus prize booth!

Q: Are outside vendors allowed to have a booth or representation?
A: Casco Days, a long-standing tradition, does not allow outside vendors during the run of the event. The Open Air Fair at the Casco Village Church in early July allows outside vendors. The Casco Days grand parade is another great way to gain exposure —see link for details on how to register.

Q: What are the hours of Casco Days?
A: Click the link to see our schedule of events for hours….always the last Saturday in July!

Q: Are pets allowed at Casco Days Park?
A: No. Only service animals are permitted at Casco Days park.

Q: Are any of the local roads closed during Casco Days?
A: Click the link to see our schedule of road closings.

Q: How long has Casco Days been a tradition?
A: Believe it or not, Casco Days has been a tradition since 1934! Fun fact: The Casco Day Fair Association owns and operates the rides, including the antique Ferris wheel and carousel. Every year the state fire marshal does a complete inspection in advance of the event.

Q: Is there someone on-site taking photos?
A: Yes, we typically upload photos to our smugmug either the night of or the morning after.

Q: How can I get involved in volunteering?
A: See our list of contacts to inquire about the various ways to volunteer to help make Casco Days happen.

Q: How do I know if I am a bonus prize winner?
A: Winners will be posted on the back of the bonus prize booth on the midway. If you aren’t on site during the event to claim your prize(s), visit the bonus prize booth on Monday evening after Casco Days from 6:00pm-7:30pm.

Q: Can I purchase ride tickets in advance of the event?
A: Ride tickets can be purchased only during the run of the event. Our Ticket Booth is located near the merry-go-round on the midway.

Q: What happens if I lose something?
A: Any items recovered at Casco Days Park are brought to the lost and found, located at the information booth.

Q: Where does the money earned from Casco Days go?
A: The Casco Day Fair Association board meets annually to determine how to disperse the proceeds from the event—community organizations and local sports teams have benefitted, and we reinvest back into the event, park, and ‘Red Barn’.

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